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mercredi 17 mai 2017

KYNG HD Advanced Channel Editor V4.9

New in version 4.09
1 - Improvement of the update of the channels, by internet.
2 - Elimination and/or exclusion of circular polarization channels (C Band - Left, Right)
3 - Rectification of the standardization of contiguous transponders.
4 - Duplicate channels removed improvements.
5 - Others minor bugs fixed.


Version 4.08
1 - Standardization of contiguous transponders emerged since the recent updates to certain providers ..
2 - Added option to remove (or not) temporary channel called "Test" and/or "Noname SID ..."
3 - Menu/New file: Remove all default transponders. Precisely because the first paragraph.
4 - Option to keep or not manually changing channels names on the receiver.
5 - Option to allow (or disable) sorting favorites lists.
6 - Adding a shortcut to display the 10 favorite lists (keyboard key 0 to 9)
7 - Other advanced options for "Import from file" and "Update from Internet".

Version 4.07
- Added management of CAS PowerVu
- Remove blockage due to some ad-ware.
- Internet Update: Improved by adding a second method.
- Other various improvements and arrangements requested by users.

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