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mercredi 21 juin 2017

Best Kodi addons 2017 UK: The 7 best Kodi extensions for sports, films, boxsets and TV shows in June 21th

Best Working Kodi Addons – update 24 June 2017

The Kodi addons scene is in some trouble after news of DishTV suing tvaddons and Zem TV. A lot of addons have since shutdown, some addons have been taken over by other developers. Amongst all the confusion, we have addons which are still working. In this post we are going to list best working Kodi addons.

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Best Kodi addons (updated for 21 June 2017)

1. Exodus

Genesis used to be one of the best addons you could get for Kodi, but since then things have taken a turn for the worse – with dead stream and links becoming commonplace. That's where Exodus comes in. Created by the makers of Genesis, Exodus is already one of the most popular addons available for Kodi – and Kodi users are already saying it's one of the best. And here's how to download it.

2. 1Channel Primewire

The 1Channel Primewire extension is one of the most popular Kodi addons in 2017, and that's because it features pretty much everything. In fact, if you’re not too bothered about customising Kodi, 1Channel Primewire could – alongside Exodus or Specto – be one of the only addons you’ll need. Interested? In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how to download the 1Channel Primewire addon.

3. UK Turks Playlists

What makes UK Turks Playlists one of the best addons you can get right now? Simply put, it offers a variety of content, from cartoons and documentaries to comedy and fitness shows. If that sounds like the sort of thing you’d be interested in, read our quick installation tutorial here.

4. Specto 

Simply put, Specto is the Genesis addon resurrected and updated for 2017, complete with working links. Like Genesis before it, Specto now has one the most well-rounded collection of links, so you can stream TV shows and films suitable for all the family. So, want to download one of the most highly regarded Kodi addons in a new, refreshed form? Here’s how to download the Specto addon to Kodi.

5. Velocity
How to install Velocity on Kodi: Get the latest, greatest addon for XBMC

Velocity represents one of the newest, best addons for XBMC, but it's already proving popular. Why? Because it's easy to use and brings with it a host of new content and increased stability. Better yet, it also comes in two flavours, so there's a Velocity Kids version for smaller Kodi users, too. Interested? Here’s how to download the Velocity addon on Kodi.


Developed by the same people that brought us, SALTS stands for “Stream All The Sources" and that tells you pretty much all you need to know. Already tipped as a great alternative to the outgoing Genesis, SALTS is quick, easy to use and isn't hard to install. Here's how to download it.

7. Phoenix

When it comes to the sheer quality and amount of content, Phoenix has to be at the very top of any list of addons. Made by the creators of Mashup – previously one of the best addons for XMBC – and supported by a dedicated team of developers, Phoenix lets users watch pretty much anything in pin-sharp quality. It takes seconds to download, and will even let you choose your bit rate if you have a weak connection. Here's how to download it.