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Best Working Kodi Addons – update 20 June 2017

The Kodi addons scene is in some trouble after news of DishTV suing tvaddons and Zem TV. A lot of addons have since shutdown, some addons have been taken over by other developers. Amongst all the confusion, we have addons which are still working. In this post we are going to list best working Kodi addons.

f4mTester, SportsDevil, Quasar, Plexus, Exabyte TV, TecnoTV , Bassfox, Adryanlist, Plexus, Quasar, Exodus, Specto,

Working Kodi Addons
You should know how to add a repository from a url and from a zip file. We will be linking to repository url or repository zip file.
Most of these Addons work with Kodi 17 Krypton and above. We advise you to update to the latest stable Kodi 17.3.

Best Working Kodi Addons – 20 June 2017

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Exodus – Movies, TV Shows

Repository Zip File Link.
Install from repository > Exodus repository > Video add-ons > Exodus > Install.
You can also read our multiple method tutorial for Amazon Fire TV.

Elysium – Movies, TV Shows

Repository Source

Bubbles – Movies, TV Shows

Repository Zip File Link
Shortened url (case sensitive) for use with Downloader app on Amazon Fire TV/Stick –
Install from repository > Bubbles Repository 1 > Video add-ons > Bubbles > Install.

Quasar – Torrent Streaming

Same Repository zip file as Bubbles.
Install from repository > Bubbles Repository 1 > Video add-ons > Quasar > Install.
Install from repository > Bubbles Repository 1 > Program add-ons > Quasar Burst > Install.

SALTS – Stream All the Sources –  Movies, TV Shows

Same Repository zip as Exodus.
Install from repository > Exodus Repository > Video add-ons > Stream All The Sources > Install.

123Movies – Movies, TV Shows

Repository Source
[CMP] [CMP] >
 (name it muckys)
Install from zip file > muckys >
Install from repository > Mucky Ducks Repo > Video add-ons > 123 Movies > Install.

Made in Canada IPTV – Live TV

Repository Source
 (name it koditips)
Install from zip file > koditips >
Install from repository > repository > Video add-ons > Made in Canada IPTV > Install.

WolfPack – Movies, TV Shows, Live TV

Repository Source
Install from zip file > wolfpack >
Install from repository > wolfpack > Video add-ons > Wolf Pack > Install.

Specto Fork – Movies, TV Shows

Repository Source
beta/                                              09-June-2017 18:38                   -
html/                                              20-June-2017 18:40                   -                              14-Jun-2017 18:48                   -                               14-Jun-2017 18:48                   -                       14-Jun-2017 18:48                   -                          09-May-2017 18:40                   -                             14-Jun-2017 18:48                   -                               14-Jun-2017 18:48                   -                             14-Jun-2017 18:48                   -                           14-Jun-2017 18:48                   -
script.module.metahandler/                         09-Nov-2016 23:48                   -
script.module.xbmcfilm/                            09-May-2017 18:37                   -
script.mrknow.urlresolver/                         14-Jun-2017 18:48                   -                               14-Jun-2017 18:48                   -
service.subtitles.opensubtitles/                   09-May-2017 18:39                   -
addons.xml                                         14-Jun-2017 18:48               10969
addons.xml.md5                                     14-Jun-2017 18:48                  32 25-Oct-2016 06:11 13375
 (name it filmkodi)
Install from zip file > filmkodi > >
Install from repository > > Video add-ons > Specto Fork > Install.

Bob Unrestricted – Movies, TV Shows

Repository Source
 (name if NaN)
Install from zip file > NaN > noobsandnerds Rep (x.x).zip
Install from repository > noobsandnerds repository > Video add-ons > Bob > Install.

Feel free to let us know about more working addons via comments below 

3 commentaires:

  1. Bob is dead or at least for me it is not working.

    1. Bob's servers are being upgraded, supposed to be back soon.

    2. Download and install Bob unrestricted for Kodi Feat Valhalla Streams and Blues Place
      k313vra, k313vra download, k313vra for jarvis, k313vra for jarvis 16.1, k313vra repo, k313vra install, Bob's Server key Welcome to Bob (Unrestricted) from the ex phoenix June 2017