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vendredi 23 juin 2017

Dish Network Sues ‘ZemTV’ and ‘TV Addons’ For Copyright Infringement June 24, 2017

Check out below for the latest status of Kodi addons taken offline, new repository homes, and the online/offline status of all your favourite Kodi repos.

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Since the news broke last week that Dish Network was going after Kodi addons, there has been a lot of shuffling and tons of Kodi addons have gone offline, relocated, or still have an unsure future. Read the full list below of Kodi addons taken offline and the online/offline status of popular Kodi repositories.

Note that if you have these addons installed already, they will continue to function IF they are scraping websites on the internet for links. Playlist addons that require developers to maintain on a daily basis can be taken down instantly.
We tried to be complete on the list below as best we could. For the most part, addons not in this list after functioning as normal OR are down because of regular Kodi issues (broken addon, broken links, your Kodi box is outdated, etc).
For specific addon guides, use the search button on the upper right side of the website.

If you want to check for yourself, you can visit the repository of the addons below by following our instruction guides and you will see that the directories are currently empty. If you try to install the addons in Kodi, you will likely find the same thing.
Updated June 22nd
  • Fusion (central repository) – Offline – After the Dish Network news broke, fusion went offline. There is no news on its future.
  • Blazetamer (Velocity) – Offline
  • Bubbles addon – Online
  • DandyMedia (DandyMedia, 1080p Addons, Film Emporium, HEVC, etc) – Online

  • Echo (Documentaries, Sportie, Echo Guide, etc) – Offline
  • Evolve – Offline forever – Per Goliath’s Twitter“So as of today i decided to pull Evolve and Reaper. This is to make way for a new addon that will be in goliath repo, will keep u updated”
  • Exodus – Intermittent – Exodus moved into its own repository, then went offline a day later. Check back for status updates.
  • Made in Canada – Online
  • Metalkettle (Decado Documentaries, Sports Mix, TV Mix, Happy Movies, Gobble, etc) – Offline
  • Motor Replays addon – Online

  • Mucky Duck (M4U, FMovies, 123Movies, etc) – Online
  • Natko (Castaway) – Offline
  • NoobsAndNerds (Bob, Elysium) – Online.
  • One242415 – Offline forever – The addon is official being shut down forever. Straight from One242415 in his addon: I am removing my addon for good. It was a hell of a ride for me. First starting off with Navi-X, then with Mashup, then with Phoenix, and for two months with my own add-on. Thank you all for supporting One242415!! PS: I will not be back I’m closing down for good! This addon will be closed within a few days
  • Planet MMA addon – Online
  • PodGod Repo (cCloud, Pro Sport) – Offline
  • Shani (Zem TV) – Offline
  • Sportsdevil – Offline. Future uncertain.

  • K3l3vra (SALTs, 1Channel) – Intermitten – The status of SALTs and 1Channel is tied to Exodus above.
  • Xbmchub (USTVNow, Velvet Hotdog, Phoenix) – Offline – Xbmchub is still in the fusion central repository, so its status is tied to the status of Fusion above.
    • Phoenix – Offline forever 
  • UK Turk – Online – New repository. Click here to install
  • Ultimate (Ultimate IPTV) – Offline
  • Vortex – Online – New repository. Click here to install.
  • XunityTalk (Easynews, iStream, Football Replays) – Online but moved. iStream has moved into Mucky Duck’s repo above and a few others like BBC, TV Player, UKTV Play, and Football Replays have moved into NoobsandNerds.

Keep checking our home page for Kodi repo online/offline status, locations of addons, list of Kodi addons taken offline.
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