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samedi 17 juin 2017

download working kodi video addons 17 june 2017 kodi channels and kodi channels list

Nowadays live streaming sports are very popular as there are many exclusive matches from premium channels. This year many Kodi Addons transmitting live sports events have been targeted by some big ISPs and forced to close down (Phoenix and Navi-X were the biggest exits until now). Fortunately there are still addons to watch Sports TV Channels or Streaming by event. You can go through this list, try them and keep your favourites. Here is the list of the 9 Best Sports Addons for Kodi, on these addons you will be able to watch many kind of sports including football, NFL, NHL, UFC, Boxing, NBA, and many others.
I highly recommend you to use a VPN while you're streaming sports. The ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and Premier League are working together to block servers streaming Premier League events, that's why many streams won't work for you. A VPN make your traffic anonymous so ISPs can't track your traffic and they won't be able to block streams or slow down your connection (which normaly causes streamings to lag). I highly recommend the IPVanish VPN, it’s one of the fastest VPNs on the market and they don't keep logs of your traffic.
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The 9 Best Sports Addons for Kodi 2017

Halow Live TV

This add-on is getting many fans. On twitter you can see many people thanking them for great quality streams on match days! You should really give it a try! They are very good for football, Boxing and UFC, but not just that. This addon is available in the halowtv repo.


SportsDevil enables you to stream and watch all sorts of live sporting events including NFL games. It’s maybe the most famous and oldest kodi addon to watch live sports streams. Click here for SportsDevil Install Guide and Tips.

Pro Sport

Do you follow NBA, NHL and/or NFL? If you do, this is the right addon for you! Pro Sport add-on uses reddit to get the stream links, they don’t host anything. There are many Reddit Communities experienced in live streaming so you will always get updated streams from big online communities.

cCloud TV

cCloud TV it’s maybe the best addon out there to watch all kind of international Live TV Channels, including Sports channels. In their channels list they specify the country of that channel – so it’s easy to you to identify which country should you select in the VPN.
To install cCloud TV I recommend you to use the SuperRepo.


This add-on is based on the famous SportsDevil add-on but easier to use and frequently updated. You will find any kind of sport in this kodi add-on.

Live Mix

Live Mix is back and now with the version 2. This version is packed with great sports channels and international sports events streams.

DC Sports

This is a very recent add-on but they are doing a great job posting 720p HD quality streams!! You can compare this add-on with a few premium addons!


The name doesn’t match the content. This is a pretty cool add-on where you can find plenty of streams from all over the world.
Freeview-Addon (third-party addon with legal streams)
The freeview add-on is awesome to watch UK TV. It has all the UK free channels but includes BT Sports too. Note that if you’re outside UK you will need a VPN to mask your IP address to an UK IP address.
Important note: If you want to watch a channel from other country you will need a VPN to change your location to that country as most of the channel streams on the internet are geo-blocked. Even if you want to stream a channel in your country is highly recommended to use a VPN to keep your traffic anonymous as your internet provider may not like it and block your access or slow down your connection.