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jeudi 22 juin 2017

Freesat V7 Combo new firmware (22/06/2017)

Notice: Please do the following steps :
1) backup the channel list(user db + system data).
2) export the softcam.key to usb device
3) update the firmware to box by allcode mode
4) update channel list then import softcam.key
1) dish moving message always pop when no signal.
2)91.5E :some channels no sound output.
(3.31 MiB) Downloaded 2236 times

1)91.5E :some channels no sound output.
(3.31 MiB) Downloaded 3058 times

1)added Romania language[need update box by allcode mode]
--- Thanks Nick Luci took many times to translate.
2)sometime cccam crashed.
3)adjust subtitle position.
(3.31 MiB) Downloaded 2707 times

1) Support Constant CW key import by softcam.key file
--- find those constant key from website then copy those lines to softcam.key then import 
add some string for UI so need update allcode .
(3.31 MiB) Downloaded 3035 times

1) Thai language modify
--- thanks Dumnern Suksumrarn took many times to adjust.
2) Added facebook feature
--- main menu/network/facebook 
3) more biger subtitle
4) audio channel can be record
5) timer record bug
(3.3 MiB) Downloaded 3132 times

We found one bug:
the channel list(dumped by user db mode) don't be updated back in last fw. Please do the following step:
a)Update maincode 
b)backup user db 
1) Thai language modify
--- thanks Dumnern Suksumrarn took many times to adjust.
2) Indonesia subtitle don't auto display 
--- thanks Henrianto Leo sent ts file for me debug
3) 121.00W-3841-H-30000 powervu key generated.
4) some audio channel don't output sound
(3.22 MiB) Downloaded 2653 times

1) scroll the long channel name 
2) generated powervu key for 121.00W-3982-V-29269
thanks GADAPH BUSHAGAMA help to catch the channel data .
3) added Thai and Indonesia Language
4) modify the Thai epg problem
5) the db tool don't show correctly FAV group name when dumped only channel list
(3.22 MiB) Downloaded 1795 times

1) generated the last Tandberg key
2) powervu channel Freezon
(3.21 MiB) Downloaded 3856 times

Change List:
1) add the panel show option when standby
main menu /system /Other /Standby Panel Show / Time or None
default is no anything show when standby mode
2) generated the last Tandberg key
3) support 113C the xcrypt channel by softcam key
---- Thanks Hengky send the TS file and key for testing.
(3.2 MiB) Downloaded 5293 times

Please backup your channel list and softcam data then update box by allcode mode.
the new firmware will lost the fav group name after updated the old channel list,Sorry. 
1))Modify the French string
2)export the auto powervu and tangberg key to softcam.
3)some Biss channels didn't be opened by softcam.
4)the channel list dumped from V7max or V7HD can be updated
5)the TP mini RS num changed to 100
6)extend FAV groups to 16 and groups name length to 16 chars
7)Added Portage T2 channel scan

(3.2 MiB) Downloaded 2970 times

Please check the following url about how to update box:

if you box don't find the last firmware from usb stick. Please update the box to FREESAT_V7_Combo_20160606 the first.
(3.13 MiB) Downloaded 2235 times

We changed the memory type from DDR2 to DDR3 for improving the system speed on mainboard
 FreeSat V7Combo Hardware Update Notice.rar
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