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samedi 17 juin 2017

Navi-X Exits: Navi-X Alternatives

Navi-X Exits: Navi-X Alternatives

It is evident that Navi-X users are currently on the search for navi-x alternatives. This follows the latest developments that have seen this market giant exit the market. The use of open source software has been a pain for most add-on developers. It not only gets them in trouble with geo-blocked content but also lands them in major legal complications. The latest victim of such complications in Navi-X. Navi-X is an established Kodi addon that has warmed many people’s hearts for ten years with exciting streams and downloads. Unfortunately, every good thing must come to an end and legal issues have forced Navi-X to be pulled down.
This was a voluntary decision owing to the legal climate surrounding the abundance of ‘leaches’ who have nothing to do with Kodi community offering preloaded Kodi boxes.  As such, you will be experiencing some problems when trying to access Navi-X with your Kodi. There is no need to panic though as there are superb Navi-X alternatives that will brighten your day and spruce your living room with engaging downloads and relentless streams.
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Outstanding  Navi-X Alternatives

cCloud TV

cCloud Kodi AddonLive TV is one of the major reasons one may think of getting a TV box. It is actually the major reason why people get these boxes. It is thus quite disappointing when you cannot get to access any TV channels simply because Navi-X, which was your favourite Kodi addon, has been discontinued. cCloud TV stands out as one of the best Navi-X alternatives. This is a cloud based sharing system which has been built by the community for the community. It complies with user submitted links to stream media content and makes links available through the website on various devices.

Here’s How To Install cCloud On Your Kodi

  • Boot your Kodi box
  • Click on system and head to the file manager
  • Choose ‘Add Source’
  • Select ‘None’
  • In the Url section, type and click done.
  • Enter the source name as Fusion. You may enter another name that suits you.
  • Click OK.
  • Return to the home screen
  • Visit the system section and select add-ons
  • Select installation from zip file
  • Go to fusion
  • Select Kodi repos
  • Enter English as your preferred language
  • Click on
  • After the notification, select install from repository. Select get add-ons on Helix
  • Choose podgod repo
  • Click on video add-ons
  • Choose cCloud TV
  • Click on install

Project Free Kodi Addon

Project Free Kodi AddonAnother one of Navi-x alternatives is project free TV addon which is an addon that is renowned for high quality movies and series. This addon is related to the response time which means that once content is selected it will open immediately at an outstanding speed. It however has some downfalls which include unavailability of some streams. The developers have however used huge streaming lists to compensate for failing links. The users will this have several options to choose from.

Installing Project Free On Your Kodi.

  • Visit your Kodi homepage. Select system and choose file manager.
  • Select add source. Highlight none. Add in the url section. Click done.
  • Name the media source in a name that you will remember with ease. Click OK.
  • Return to the home screen. Select system.
  • Choose addons. Install from zip file and select fusion repo
  • Choose Kodi repos
  • Add English as your language.
  • Select repository.natko1412 zip
  • Wait for a notification message. Select install from repository then select get add-ons.
  • Choose natko1412 repo then video addons
  • Choose
  • Select install. Your addon is ready to be used.
  • Go to your home screen.
  • Select videos and head to add-ons. You will get some images indicating the categories available for you.

Kodi Veetle

Veetle Kodi AddonFor those who find refuge in live TV addons, the world is not over for you as Kodi veetle stands out as the best Navi-X live stream alternative. This is an addon that makes it possible to watch flash enabled streams mainly from without much of a stretch. The fact that it can be used with computers and mobile devices makes it very versatile as it grabs real time broadcasts and displays them on Kodi regardless of the device in use. This is an addon that is full of surprises. You can barely predict what you will find next and you will have the opportunity to browse their content with a wireless mouse and keyboard combo or even a remote android app.

Tips On How To Install Vettle On Kodi

First and foremost, you need to ensure that you have the latest krypton version of Kodi. Open your Kodi and head straight to the home screen. Click twice on the folder icon.
  • Visit the file manager and scrool down to the add source heading. Double click on the heading.
  • Add file source. Highlight the word none.
  • Enter http://fusion.tvaddons.agClick done
  • Name the addon as fusion. Click OK.
  • Return to the home screen. Select addons. Click on the open box icon. Select Install from zip file.
  • Click on xbmc repos and fusion. Select English. Choose
  • Wait for notification message
  • Choose install from repository. Select Addon Repository.
  • Select video addons
  • Click on veetle. Select install.
  • You will get a notification message
  • Follow the path addons>videons>veetle to access veetle on your Kodi.

Install Veetle On Addon On Kodi V16 Jarvis

  • Boot Kodi Jarvis v16.1
  • Visit the home screen. Click in system to get to the file manager
  • Select add source. Highlight none and enter click Done.
  • Label the source Fusion. Click OK.
  • Go to the home screen. Click on system. Click on addons. Select install from zip file
  • Choose fusion. Select xbmc-repos. Select English. Select
  • After the notification, select installation from repository. Choose Addon Repository
  • Choose video add ons
  • Click Veetle and select Install.
  • After the notification, access Veetle by following this path. Videos-video-addons-Veetle


Trakt Kodi AddonWhen looking for Navi-X alternatives, Trakt will definitely feature in most lists. This is a popular add-on that allows users to automatically scrobble all content to This means that the user can keep a history of what they have been watching. If you have been using your Kodi on different devices, this is a great add-on as it allows users to synchronize content across devices.

Guide To Install Trakt On Your Kodi.

  • Start your kodi
  • Head to the system and select add-ons
  • Choose to install from the repository. Click on ‘get add-ons on Helix.
  • Select ‘kodi add on repository’
  • Click on program add-ons
  • Choose Trakt
  • Click install
  • A pop up appears requesting you to visit
  • Click on the address
  • Enter your pin(given in the pop up). Click ‘continue’
  • Click yes to allow Trakt to use your account
  • A message appears indicating that your device is connected. Head back to kodi. The pop up will be gone
  • Higlight Trakt on kodi. DO NOT SELECT IT.
  • Open context menu and select ‘Configure’
  • Enable exclude live TV in Excluions
  • Ensure that you have enabled 4 choices in scrobbling
  • Select Services in synchronize section. Enable everything. Enable the five options in the Movies section.
  • Select Rating and include your preferred settings.

In Conclusion

Navi-X was a darling for many and its exit from the market leaves a gap. For many who have gotten used to the addon, adopting another addon may be an uphill task. The above mentioned addons will make the transition easy and enjoyable. You see, Kodi in itself is legal but that doesn’t make third party addons and applications legal. This means that you may be using your Kodi to stream content that is otherwise restricted resulting to legal complications.
To be on the safe side, the use of a VPN will be the best way out. You can check out the top 3 VPNs for kodi here.  IPVanish is a great VPN that has been in existence for some time now. It has worked magic in enabling access to geo-blocked content and offering online anonymity. It’s worth giving a try.
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