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jeudi 3 août 2017

New August 2017: AceStream Kodi – Install Ace Streams Addon Using Plexus Player

AceStreams does not install on to Kodi as an add-on, instead it requires you to install Plexus Player on Kodi and AceStreams player works in Windows. To use AceStream Kodi links here is what to do:

  1. Install AceStreams in Windows
  2. Download AceStream player from the official website
  3. Once completed launch AceStreams setup and install the player
  4. Make sure AceStreams Media Center is running in the taskbar before launching Kodi
  5. Now, let’s move on to Kodi and install Plexus Player to use AceStreams in Kodi (Setup for Krypton v.17)
  6. From your Kodi HomeScreen go to Add-Ons, click the Add-on Browser icon (shown below)

how to install acestream kodi addon

7. Click “Install from Zip File” in the Add-on Browser menu

acestream kodi addon install zip file

8. Click Fusion(if you don’t have fusion follow the guide to add it here) 08.03/2017

9. Click Kodi-repos > English >, now let the repository install and wait for confirmation August 2017

10. You should be back in the Add-on Browser menu, click Install from Repository> Add-on Repository> Program Add-ons > Plexus

acestream kodi addon install from repository

11. Let Plexus install and wait for the confirmation

install acestreams addon using plexus player

12. Next we must update Plexus modules to allow it to use AceStream Kodi links, download this Plexus add-on fix.

13. Now go back to Kodi, from the home screen click Add-Ons> click the Add-Ons Browser icon > Install from Zip File
14. Go to the folder you saved the Plexus add-on fix zip file and select it

acestreams addon installation final step

15. Once clicked Plexus will automatically update its modules to use AceStreams media player.

AceStream Kodi V16 vs. V17.1 Vs V17.3

The AceStream add-on for Kodi is pretty much the same on V16 (Jarvis) and V17.1 (Krypton). You have the same features available and media player. The only difference is the outlook of the add-on on the varied Kodi versions. The V16 uses the older theme and outlook of Kodi. As a result, the extension will appear extremely different as compared to V17.1 or Krypton in terms of appearance.

How to Install AceStream on Kodi Jarvis 16

  1. Open Kodi and click on “System”
  2. Select File Manager and tap the “Add Source” button
  3. Choose “None” and enter the following URL:
  4. Enter a name for the media source and select Done
  5. Go back to the Home Screen and click on System
  6. Select Add-Ons and then “Install from Zip File”
  7. Find “Fusion” and install “”
  8. Wait for the add-on enabled notification
  9. Go back to the previous page and select “Install from Repository”
  10. Select repository > Program Add-ons > Plexus
  11. Wait for the installation to complete
  12. Update Plexus modules to allow it to use AceStream Kodi link
  13. Go back to the “Install from Zip File” and select “Plexus add-on fix”
Kodi will automatically update Plexus modules to use AceStreams Media Player